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Hey there!

Thanks for clicking on this page! I’m so glad you’re interested in working with me (aka Justine, founder of TBC) in making sure your resume’s the best it can possibly be.

Before you fill out the form that officially starts our working relationship, I’d like you to read this page thoroughly. Why? Because by the end of it, you’ll know if working with me is a good fit for you. Wouldn’t want us to go through the scoping call only to find out that this isn’t right for you.

Hey, why is Resume Consultation only coming back now? I needed it and you in 2018. 😞

This January 16, 2019 is the 1 year anniversary of me entering the workforce. (I graduated late, hence why the start date’s weird.)

I decided to take a year off running Resume Consultations regularly to adjust to working life, to really focus on learning new things, and to reassess how I run them in the 1st place. I’d done it nonstop for a whole year by January 2018 and it seemed like a good milestone to pause at.

Let me just say, officially entering adulting life is weird, because I thought it wouldn’t be that different from college or the internships I’d gone through. I thought I’d adjust quickly, and everything would be okay. I’d spoken with older people, I’d gotten their advice and the “what would you have done better?” spiels, I’d entered this with eyes wide open.

But I was still terrifically unprepared. Working life is nothing like college. It is nothing like an internship. I had difficulty getting through weeks that at some point, I had adopted a nasty habit of watching kpop and comedy to calm down and power through.

Yes, I was more prepared than others but it didn’t soften the shock any less.

Now that a year’s passed, safe to say, that that year off was much needed. I’m restarting this program, knowing even more than what I did as a college student consultant. Back with better systems in place so that it’s a faster, organized experience for you, templates and worksheets for you to fill out, and a renewed sense of purpose in helping others reach their dream companies as well. Win win for us all~

[JULY UPDATE: If you’d like to see testimonials from the past students of Work With Me, please check out my IG highlights! We’re currently fixing up the site so we won’t put it up here yet. But I post the updates from them there! Weirdly enough, I’ve sent a lot more people into P&G.]

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Some notable places that my former students have gone to.

Details about Work With Me?

Work With Me – Resume Consultation’s previous incarnations helped over 200+ students and fresh grads land interview offers immediately after working with me.

My students receive more job offers within a month after their time with me than when they were previously searching on their own. (Their new problem’s usually having to choose which among their job offers is best for them. A great problem to have, in my opinion.)

Work With Me is the new incarnation of my previous resume consultations, where the main difference is that it’s more structured now. It’s not just a series of messages or just a conversation. It’s now more of a program that has clear end goals, milestones, and homework for you and me. Now you will:

👉 Have a total of 90+ call minutes with me, where we’ll go over your resume and any questions or problems you have. During those Skype calls, we’ll sharpen your resume and prepare you with strategies to get yourself invited to more quality interviews quickly.

👉 Receive a set of resume templates and guidelines on how to create both your masterfile and your targeted resume. No worries, I’ll be guiding you in creating both. And explaining what’s the difference and when to send each.

👉 Translate that masterfile into your LinkedIn profileand prepare your LinkedIn summary and skills to ensure you stand out from the crowd. We’ll make sure you don’t fall into the common pitfalls other fresh grads make, and will work on your LI strategy to maximize your first impression to recruiters.

👉 Learn how to effectively craft your story and why you’re one of the best candidates for this job to hiring managers. (Which is critical in getting them to consider you for an interview ASAP.)

👉  Understand how to stand out from every other jobseeker applying to the same jobs as you. What’s your specific offer, and how to convey that to hiring managers.

👉  Maintain a realistic outlook on both your prospects and the job market. I will also teach you how to reach out to others to ask questions. I’m not going to sugarcoat anything or lie to you.

Testimonial from a former student

What Do I Expect From You?

To listen, understand, and apply what I say. If you want to see success quickly, I’ve found that the students who landed job offers with companies they love came to me with a sense of urgency and a high level of motivation.  

That means doing the homework. Following up if you don’t understand something and need me to explain it in a different way. Looking for jobs in the industries you want to go into and figuring out how to land them. Being proactive.

In short, they were committed to learning my approach, and they understood that this is an investment in their future career development. They needed to put in the work to get better results than everyone else.

They knew that a great, risky job today that was aligned with their future plans makes loads more sense than a so-so, safe job that keeps them from going after their bigger goals.

So long as you follow my guidance, ask smart questions, and do your homework, our short time together will help you figure out what that great job is, and how you’re going to reach it.  

Testimonial from a former student

This is NOT the right program for you IF:  

You think you already know how to write your resume. (And subsequently answer interview questions using that resume, plus strategize your job search with said resume) on your own. If you do, I don’t need to help you! Thanks for clicking on the page though~

You expect a guaranteed job offer at the end of our time together. Self-explanatory. I’m not the 1st person to tell you that there are no guarantees with anything in life. But I can promise you’ll see progress and improvement in your job search after working with me.

I can also tell you that many of my clients HAVE successfully landed job offers by the end of the program, sometimes even midway through as a result of using just some of my strategies. I’m invested in your success so I’m giving you my best tips in this program. Still up to you to make it happen.

You expect me to do all the work for you. That means the writing, the research, the thinking behind every detail. I’m very involved, and will give you the theory and templates behind every step. But I’m not your outsourced resume writer. There’s a lot that I’ll teach you, but you have to do your part and homework, if you want to see real results.

You don’t like being told what to do. A lot of this will be me explaining the thinking or process behind the task, then showing you how to do something with an example. You’ll take over after that.

The end goal is for me to explain how things work to you, and then you applying all that for me to see that you’ve understood it.

You don’t see the value in investing in your personal development. This is a premium level program. My services are highly specialized and customized. Once we start working together, I will be extremely invested in your growth. Like, really invested. There are catch-up calls during and after the program to check in with you and how you’re doing.

After signing up, you’ll take a screening test that helps me learn more about you and what help you need. We’ll craft our calls around your specific situation. We will go in-depth on what your perceived job hunting problems are and how to solve them.

So I’m only looking to work with people who recognize the value of investing in themselves and are willing to put in the time and effort to do so.

Testimonial from a former student

This IS the right program for you if you:  

Are tired of getting rejections or worse, never receiving a reply about your multiple applications. You’ve been seriously looking for a while, and don’t want to trial and error things out on your own anymore.

Are either a student or have been working for 3 years or less. I have tested my knowledge on people who’ve been working for 7, 12, and 25 years, and it’s gotten positive results.

But I’m still in the process of refining it. I don’t want you to be a guinea pig. (Unless you’re game for that, and are willing to listen to me. Let me know in the form.)

Understand English as a 1st language. Though I understand and speak Tagalog, I primarily speak in fast, slightly complex English. If you have difficulty in understanding that, but still want to work with me, please let me know in advance. That way we can work out how to accommodate our language difference. And I can slow down, plus use less slang and complex words.

Know you need some strategy, guidance, and advice in your job hunt. You know you don’t have all the answers when it comes to presenting yourself effectively on paper. You don’t know how else you can edit your resume to get positive responses from potential employers you like. And you can’t afford to waste anymore time trying to figure it out on your own.

Value yourself enough to make an investment in your job hunting strategy. There’ll be times you recognize that you’ll get better results faster, if you invest in learning from someone experienced. And for those who’ve worked with me, this has definitely been the case.  

Ok, I’m in, what do I need to do?  

If you agree with all of the above and you’re ready to take your job hunt to the next level with me…  

Please fill out this Google Form! (How much it costs is on it too.) After filling it up, you’ll receive an email with full instructions on next steps (i.e. screening test, payment details, scoping call, etc.)

Note that the most important part is booking a Skype session scoping call with me. That’s where we’ll lay down all the work we have to do, and where I’ll give you your pre-work. And where we’ll mutually check if this is the right fit for you.

Anyways, hope we get to talk soon! I’m excited to help you build a resume that markets you amazingly~ And subsequently, finding a career with maximum growth potential that’s perfect for specifically you.

By the way, if you have no idea where you are, I’m Justine, and you’re currently on TBC aka The Border Collective (“what kind of name is that?” I know, I’m working on it.) Poke around, you might find something you like~

If you don’t know where to start, I’d say go to How To Fix Your Resume in 1 Hour since it’ll give you an idea of how we’ll edit your resume.

Wait wait wait, I want in but I don’t know if I can do WWM – RC right now…

No problem, please still fill out this Google Form, but remember to click yes to the last question “I cannot join the current batch but would like to know when next month’s batch will open.”

That tells me to email you the first steps but that you are on hold until you decide to move it forward. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to email me about them~

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