Do regular employees look down on interns?

Do regular peeps look down on you?

*This question was sent in eons ago in January 2016, when the blog was just starting out and was only about internships. I’ve expanded it out of its original article and added in some 2019 thoughts to it. Enjoy~

I’m going to make the assumption that this question means “did regular employees look down on you, Justine, for being just an intern?” And the quick answer is, no.

Sometimes, they wouldn’t take my opinions as seriously as I would have liked. But I think that has more to do with age than it does with my being an intern.

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5 Productivity Hacks for Funemployed Fresh Grads

One of Twitter’s coolest new features is that you can see what your friends are favoriting; a fast and easy way to see what everyone’s into or what’s happening around you. In my case, I see a lot of my fresh grad batchmates liking each other’s tweets about being unemployed, going to their 20th interview, and revising their resumes for the 15th time.

And it’s been about 3 months after graduation.

Since everyone seems to collectively agree that not having a job 3 months after graduating warrants a freakout, (even though it’s completely normal), I decided to pull together my favorite tips to tell my friends and underclassmen on how to maximize a long break.

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