Intern-view: Nicole Wong on Christian Dior

Welcome to another episode in Intern-views, where The Border Collective interviews former interns of interesting and cool places! This is our segment where we ask them what they did, how’d they get there, what’s their advice for the next batch of interns. Today we’re interviewing someone who took a Dior internship.

!! Please note that any company featured in this series is in no way endorsed by and from TBC. No one’s advocating that you should go intern at our featured places. We just thought that these people had stories and projects that were great to share. !!

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#WorkLifeGoals: Ceej Tantengco on #CoverTheAthlete, Writing, and Battling Sexism in Philippine Media

What happens when a three-time Palanca awardee meets The Border Collective’s editorial assistant for a chat about what it was like to go from being a Communications student at Ateneo de Manila University to being a multi-hyphenate #worklifegoal? Specifically, to founding a Philippines-centric travel magazine, a foodstagram extraordinaire aka @ceejtheday on Instagram, a millennial journalist, and a copywriter for the branding agency that started Hole in the Wall, Bad Bird, and Wrong Ramen. Continue reading “#WorkLifeGoals: Ceej Tantengco on #CoverTheAthlete, Writing, and Battling Sexism in Philippine Media”

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