Help, my org work doesn’t match up against my batchmates – #DearTBC

*From the past archives of old posts and questions, specific situational questions are now answered in a more complete way (because ya’ll deserve that) through #DearTBC. Today’s episode comes originally from 6 Incredibly Long Answers About Interning. 

Read on to find out about 1 anonymous reader who worries about how to spin their creatives experience against their batchmates’ experiences, especially since they’re looking for a marketing internship soon.

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Intern-view: Giann Vega on Phinma Properties

Welcome to another episode of Intern-view, where The Border Collective interviews former interns of interesting and cool places and where we ask what’s their advice for the next batch of interns.

Please note that any company featured in this series is in no way endorsed by and from TBC. No one’s advocating that you should go intern at our featured places. We just thought that these people had stories and projects that were great to share.

Hello, dear readers, it’s me again, Justine Lara T. Chua and I’m absolutely sure you’re sick of me! Don’t worry though since next week Betina takes the reigns as we head over to Unilever Business Week for 4 days and 4 nights! We’ll be posting regularly the highlights of our day as we go through the business case competition. 🙂 So keep a look out for it! For today’s post, we’re having another Intern-view with a very good friend of mine that I’m excited to introduce to you!

I met Giannreli Vega last May 2015 at Maybank’s GoAhead nationals. (Full disclosure: we both hated it because it was badly organized. Plus, it made us stay at the F1 Hotel until 2am just to be eliminated. That’s what got us talking actually; being trapped in the bloody hotel. I was cranky when I went to work 4 hours after that, and my parents will never feel any goodwill towards Maybank again because of it. Be prepared if you want to join this year’s Maybank challenge.)

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