What’s 1 Thing I Can Do to Improve My Resume Today?

Whenever I introduce myself, I never talk about TBC. I’m too shy to ever talk about how I run a blog about interning and job hunting. It’s way too weird to bring it up randomly. Or even when I’m asked about it point blank. Maybe someday I’ll improve that part of me, but that day isn’t even remotely close to today. Continue reading “What’s 1 Thing I Can Do to Improve My Resume Today?”

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9 tips to ace your next phone interview

How does a phone interview usually go? Any tips on how to answer impressively?

For Unilever Business Week 2016 (yes, that long ago, I’m updating this blog post in May 2018), I had to do a phone interview as part of the screening test. I posted about it on ask.fm before, and since then, a lot of you sent in questions about how to go through the whole phone interview process.  

So, in the spirit of giving, which is what this blog’s all about, I decided to write some specific tips down for phone interviews! Continue reading “9 tips to ace your next phone interview”

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