What Do We Need to Know About Internships?

What do we generally need to know about internships?

Think of internships as Career 101: Intro to Your Future Work Life. It’s important that you learn as much as you can as fast as humanly possible, because that sets up your foundation for all your upper-level classes aka Real Work. If you can’t get past your initial struggle here as an intern, you’ll definitely struggle in your succeeding classes. Believe me. I know firsthand.

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Is Interning Hard?

Is interning hard?

Nope. Interning itself isn’t hard. What’s difficult is juggling internships with a healthy social life, family life, and acads. That’s the insanely hard part.

If you do nothing but intern, it isn’t hard at all. When you add it to your existing plate, it asks for a lot of sacrifice and depending on your priorities, you’ll probably have to give at least one thing else up. Continue reading “Is Interning Hard?”

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How to find an internship that fits your academic schedule

How can I find internships that will coordinate with my school schedule? All I’ve found are full-time internships and I can’t seem to find any where I can go in once a week for 5 months or something like that.

Plus I don’t want to change the sched of my class since I was able to get the good profs this time and their other time slots don’t help much.

To answer this best, let’s talk about what the interning scene is like first before how to find an internship like you’re asking, so we all have the same picture in our heads.

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What’s the difference between a CV and a resume?

Hi there, I’m confused whenever a company says they want my CV. Is that different from my resume?

Both Curriculum Vitae (CVs) and Resumes are used for job applications, and they do have some distinct differences in their definitions. But I don’t think regular Filipino workplaces make that distinction. The terms are practically interchangeable to them. There’s no point in asking for clarification if you know what sector you’re applying to. Continue reading “What’s the difference between a CV and a resume?”

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