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Hey there, Justine here, founder of The Border Collective, and I’m thrilled you’re on my Speaking + Press page!

If you’re interested in inviting me to speak at your school, university, organization, conference, or company, the instructions are down below. And if you’re not, well, take a look around and maybe it’ll change your mind.

I’ve been told that I consistently deliver bold, content-packed, and surprisingly funny talks, full of actionable details and harsh truths of the terrible reality we all live in. But I’m so bubbly that my delivery makes everything feel less bleak. Slight win!

To get to know me a bit more, read my bio here.

At UP College of Law’s Malcolm Theater for iBlog 13. First time to deliver a talk to my fellow bloggers!


    – How To Write Your Resume (specialized for your audience)
    – Common Job Hunting Mistakes We All Make
    – Personal Brand Building To Ease The Job Hunt
    – The 1 Hour You Need to Pay Attention; The Basics of Job Hunting in the Philippines from Start to Finish
    – Feminism And Standing Up For Yourself in the Workplace
    – Designing Your Career with Design Thinking
    – 10 Guiding Principles For Finding A Worthwhile Internship/Career
    – Jobs Shouldn’t Be A Drag; Finding Work You Love for
    – Lifestyle Blogging’s Out; Resource Blogging’s In
    – How To Hit 100K (Views, Pesos, and Dreams)
    – Being Creative and Authentic with your Blog (especially when your blog talks about something serious)
    – Doubling Down Your Niche, Becoming the Expert (especially when you constantly feel anxious and like a fraud)
  4. DIY MARKETING aka don’t spend a single cent
    – Marketing Your Blog The Smart, Lazy Way
    – Social Media Marketing To Spread The Word Fast
    – Turning Your Fans Into Ambassadors For Your Brand
    – Hijacking Your Network To Promote You Through Bartering

… And many more. Get in touch, even if it’s with a vague idea, and let’s craft a great talk together!

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AMA’s En Route, my only reprieve between 2 thesis presentations that day. Special thanks to Marco Dayrit for asking such great questions.


  • Youthhack Manila, “DICT-YouthHack MNL Startup Challenge 2018: High School Edition” (2018 January 27)
    • talked about marketing and growth hacking an extremely niche product to 100k profit, and the trials and errors it took for me to get here.
  • UST Chemical Engineering Association, “Gear Up: A Career Seminar” (2017 October 24)
    • talked about resumes and how to fix your resume as an engineer, taking into account the research and methodology they’ve picked up over the years to maximize their resume value
  • iBlog: The 13th Philippine Blogging Summit, “Creativity and Authenticity in Blogging” (2017 September 2)
    • talked about how sharing your experiences and the lessons you’ve learned from it, in your authentic voice, should and could be how you blog your way to success
  • Ateneo Management Association, “En Route: A Career Workshop” (2017 April 24)
    • talked about the common pitfalls college students face during their internship and job hunt, the advice from the adults in your life that you shouldn’t be listening to, and what I wish I knew when I was a sophomore starting out
    • Fun Fact: I did this talk between 2 thesis presentations that day. I had a thesis defense at 9-10am, then another one at 3-4pm. This talk was held at 2-3pm.
  • Ateneo Junior Marketing Association, “Career Workshop” (2017 February 24)
    • talked about resumes and how to use quantitative measures for their specific org experiences to maximize their resume value
  • Ateneo Association of Communication Majors, “ACOMM Career Week” (2017 February 17)
    • talked about resumes and how to quantitatively measure creative output to maximize their resume value
  • Loyola Schools Office of Placement and Career Services, “GOT Work: Juniors” (2016 April 1)
    • talked about how internships affected my career path for the better and the struggles along the way
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This was such a nice tweet that stayed with me til this day; I try to make all discussions sound ‘cool like a veteran’ because technically I am one. Just a really young one.


To contact Justine from TBC about speaking on your panel, presenting at your conference, or giving a talk for your organization, read up below.

Send your proposal email to admin@thebordercollective.com with the subject line “Speaking Gig – [NAME OF THE EVENT]”. In the email itself, don’t forget to tell us if you’re a School, Conference, College, Corporate, Non-profit Festival/ Concert.

We’ll also ask clarification questions about the group, its interests and demographics, and any data, survey results, or feedback from the group about previous programming. This is to make sure the talk is customized to your goals.

No worries, I don’t ask for monetary compensation, just a token favor (that I’ll tell you about in my reply)!

Goals for talks to give someday some way:

  • TedX
  • Panels that speak to young women about the importance of finding a career you love, not one your parents, friends, or religious mentors told you to take.
  • Talk that tells young women to not give up opportunities in life because of a boy, because boys are plentiful, opportunities aren’t.
  • A panel with Jayne Arriola of StillFresh on how sexist this world is, and how to combat it gracefully but still angrily.

Hey there, Justine again, and if you’re looking to interview us, to ask us to provide an expert quote for a piece, or to feature us in your publication (online, offline, voice, video, or whatever’s the new thing), you’re at the right place!


To contact Justine from TBC for an interview, a feature, or an expert quote, read up below.

Send your proposal email to admin@thebordercollective.com with the subject line “Press Coverage – [KIND OF PRESS COVERAGE] – [NAME OF PUBLICATION]”. In the email itself, don’t forget to tell the deadline for replying and when the press coverage will tentatively go live!

Alternatively, if you’re looking to interview me for your thesis or research paper, send an email to admin@thebordercollective.com explaining who you are, the purpose of your paper, and what you need from me. I can’t always accommodate in-person interviews, but I try my best to give you the info you need for your research.

Last, if you are looking to partner for TBC to plug your event in an article, email admin@thebordercollective.com with your proposal. Indicate details like when the event is going to be. (You’d be amazed at how many people forget to write that in to their PDF proposals and emails.)


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