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I try my best to reply to every email as soon as I can but with family, friends, work, school, and resume consultations, it isn’t always easy. I guarantee though, that if you reached out to contact me, you’ll hear back.

If you’ve got any questions you want answered anonymously on the blog, contact us through this Google Form or through TBC’s It’s completely anonymous. We won’t know who you are at all.

If there’s anyone you want to nominate to do an Intern-view or a #WorkLifeGoals, tell us in the same Google form as above.

For speaking or press inquiries, head on over to the Speaking + Press page. For interview requests or expert quotes for your research/thesis, also head to the Speaking + Press page.

For business inquiries and collaborations, comments, feedback, and anything else, email We promise to get back to you in 24 hours.

But if you want to say thanks, ask advice, or connect personally, you’ve only got 2 choices. Either email or contact me via Twitter or Instagram. My handle’s @justineltchua on everything.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!


I love working with driven enterprises and individuals, who want to maximize their career. I can help you with:

☑ Consulting on your internship program from conceptualization to execution
☑ Planning out your future and how to pursue what you want to pursue
☑ Launching a resource-based blog, product, or service with next to 0 budget and a lot of time or with some budget and less time

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