As a Fresh Grad, Can My Resume be 2 Pages or More?

Do recruiters prefer resumes to be brief like 1 page only or is it okay for it to be 2 pages? What about 3 or more?

Context: For this post, I’m not going to talk about the contents of the resume, how to make sure it’s something recruiters want to and will finish reading, or how to arrange the pages of your resume. I’ll only focus on the number of pages and how to frame it since that’s what the question’s asking. All this from the perspective that the reader is a fresh grad at most. 

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What’s 1 Thing I Can Do to Improve My Resume Today?

Whenever I introduce myself, I never talk about TBC. I’m too shy to ever talk about how I run a blog about interning and job hunting. It’s way too weird to bring it up randomly. Or even when I’m asked about it point blank. Maybe someday I’ll improve that part of me, but that day isn’t even remotely close to today. Continue reading “What’s 1 Thing I Can Do to Improve My Resume Today?”

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Should I Include My Photo in My Resume?

Should I include a photo in my resume or not?

The short answer is “not unless they ask for it”. But there’s 1 special case where I advocate putting your photo in.

The longer and more well-thought out answer is complicated and based on qualitative variables from my own gut feel, so heads up that what I say is my own opinion and not the law of the land. Continue reading “Should I Include My Photo in My Resume?”

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What’s The Difference Between a CV and a Resume?

Hi there, I’m confused whenever a company says they want my CV. Is that different from my resume?

Both Curriculum Vitae (CVs) and Resumes are used for job applications, and they do have some distinct differences in their definitions. But I don’t think regular Filipino workplaces make that distinction. The terms are practically interchangeable to them. There’s no point in asking for clarification if you know what sector you’re applying to. Continue reading “What’s The Difference Between a CV and a Resume?”

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How to Fix Your Resume in 1 Hour

I’m serious, it’s that easy; you can fix up a working version of your resume in an hour. But you have to listen to the timer and not procrastinate. Sit down with pen, paper, and laptop and be fully present for this. Preferably your laptop should just have Google open, not 1 million tabs, because those tabs will siren call you. Don’t listen to them.

If you don’t listen to this preface, then this won’t work. Yes, you’ll fix your resume, but most definitely not in 1 hour. Continue reading “How to Fix Your Resume in 1 Hour”

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