What do I need to research before going into an interview?

Hi! I came across your blog recently and I’m so glad I found it before internship hunting season starts! So here’s a little background on me, I am an incoming third year student, and I’m about to look for my first internship.

I don’t know anything and I’m afraid to ask my friends because I’m in a competitive course. I know I procrastinated on researching and searching too much so I’m super behind my friends now. I think if I do ask for help, they’ll give me the jobs they rejected. 

Now I want to enter the job market and I know it will be extra difficult for me this time but I’m determined now. I read a lot of your posts but all of them deal with resumes.

Do you have any interview tips and recommendations? What should I know before I walk into my first interview? Lastly, how can I stand out against all my friends? Thank you! More power to you TBC!

First off, thank you for this really great and honest question. Before anything else, I just want to say that I too felt this weird pressure among my friends back in college, that we were essentially fighting for the same jobs.

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What to do before an interview?

Any tips on how to answer in interviews impressively? I’m not ready for my first interview and I don’t know where to start.

[UPDATED IN MARCH 2019] : The easy answer everyone will say is practice, practice, practice. But I think habit forming is also an integral part of being at ease before you talk in front of people.

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9 tips to ace your next phone interview

How does a phone interview usually go? Any tips on how to answer impressively?

For Unilever Business Week 2016 (yes, that long ago, I’m updating this blog post in May 2018), I had to do a phone interview as part of the screening test. I posted about it on ask.fm before, and since then, a lot of you sent in questions about how to go through the whole phone interview process.  

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What should I keep in mind before my next interview?

“Hey, how do you prepare for a job interview well so that you can get any job you want?”

Lately, I’ve been focusing a lot on resume questions, and I realized that I haven’t really talked much about what happens during the rest of the job hunting process. So today, I’ll tackle something that 90% of the people I know fear: interviews.

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