Do regular employees look down on interns?

Do regular peeps look down on you?

*This question was sent in eons ago in January 2016, when the blog was just starting out and was only about internships. I’ve expanded it out of its original article and added in some 2019 thoughts to it. Enjoy~

I’m going to make the assumption that this question means “did regular employees look down on you, Justine, for being just an intern?” And the quick answer is, no.

Sometimes, they wouldn’t take my opinions as seriously as I would have liked. But I think that has more to do with age than it does with my being an intern.

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What are important things you wish you knew before interning?

What are important things that you wish you’d known, or you think I should know, when I’m looking and applying for internships?

I made a list in my head back in 2016, while commuting to school on the off chance I’d have to fast talk answer this. You’d be amazed how many people ambushed me for ~life advice~ even back then, when the blog was really tiny. Continue reading “What are important things you wish you knew before interning?”

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What Do We Need to Know About Internships?

What do we generally need to know about internships?

Think of internships as Career 101: Intro to Your Future Work Life. It’s important that you learn as much as you can as fast as humanly possible, because that sets up your foundation for all your upper-level classes aka Real Work. If you can’t get past your initial struggle here as an intern, you’ll definitely struggle in your succeeding classes. Believe me. I know firsthand.

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Is Interning Hard?

Is interning hard?

Nope. Interning itself isn’t hard. What’s difficult is juggling internships with a healthy social life, family life, and acads. That’s the insanely hard part.

If you do nothing but intern, it isn’t hard at all. When you add it to your existing plate, it asks for a lot of sacrifice and depending on your priorities, you’ll probably have to give at least one thing else up. Continue reading “Is Interning Hard?”

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