Do regular employees look down on interns?

Do regular peeps look down on you?

*This question was sent in eons ago in January 2016, when the blog was just starting out and was only about internships. I’ve expanded it out of its original article and added in some 2019 thoughts to it. Enjoy~

I’m going to make the assumption that this question means “did regular employees look down on you, Justine, for being just an intern?” And the quick answer is, no.

Sometimes, they wouldn’t take my opinions as seriously as I would have liked. But I think that has more to do with age than it does with my being an intern.

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What’s more impressive, internship experience or school achievements in a resume?

What’s more impressive, internship experience or school achievements in a resume?

Depends on what you achieved at each.

If your internship was getting coffee, running errands, and making copies, then that’s not worth much in your resume if you’re applying for project-based roles. Yes, you’ve learned soft skills and maybe some operational tasks, but in terms of critical ones for project management, not so much. (Unless you’re applying to be a clerk or admin staff somewhere, then those tasks up there are helpful to exhibit.)

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What do I need to research before going into an interview?

Hi! I came across your blog recently and I’m so glad I found it before internship hunting season starts! So here’s a little background on me, I am an incoming third year student, and I’m about to look for my first internship.

I don’t know anything and I’m afraid to ask my friends because I’m in a competitive course. I know I procrastinated on researching and searching too much so I’m super behind my friends now. I think if I do ask for help, they’ll give me the jobs they rejected. 

Now I want to enter the job market and I know it will be extra difficult for me this time but I’m determined now. I read a lot of your posts but all of them deal with resumes.

Do you have any interview tips and recommendations? What should I know before I walk into my first interview? Lastly, how can I stand out against all my friends? Thank you! More power to you TBC!

First off, thank you for this really great and honest question. Before anything else, I just want to say that I too felt this weird pressure among my friends back in college, that we were essentially fighting for the same jobs.

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Where to Find Jobs in Manila?

What are some of the most effective places to look for an internship/a job? Least effective? I know FB groups and Kalibrr are really good places to start, but what about Jobstreet for example?

This is in the order of most to least obvious places to look. I can’t quantify how easy or effective it is to find a job on these platforms, because it differs from industry to industry and person to person. No matter what there’ll be a lot of searching and tracking on your behalf.

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What are Important Things You Wish You Knew Before Interning?

What are important things that you wish you’d known, or you think I should know, when I’m looking and applying for internships?

I made a list in my head back in 2016, while commuting to school on the off chance I’d have to fast talk answer this. You’d be amazed how many people ambushed me for ~life advice~ even back then, when the blog was really tiny. Continue reading “What are Important Things You Wish You Knew Before Interning?”

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