Betina Ong

DISCLAIMER: Betina Ong left the blog formally in April 2017 to pursue other things in life. Prior to that, she hadn’t written anything for the blog since May 2016. Legal counsel advised that we write this disclaimer because of some emails we’ve been receiving since she’s left.

Any promises made by China Betina M. Ong, so long as they’ve been made by her and involve The Border Collective, are null and void promises. She has no say on TBC and cannot represent it.


Betina Ong, full name China Betina Magsumbol Ong was a co-writer on The Border Collective for <10 articles. She lent her experience from her recruiter internship at ZMG Ward Howell to the readers of TBC.

In May 2017, Betina graduated from Ateneo de Manila University taking up AB Interdisciplinary Studies, Management and Psychology tracks. The self-proclaimed “internship kween of Manila”, she has 6 internships under her belt and that all culminated with her joining Coca-Cola FEMSA as an HR Management Trainee.

Betina Ong was an HR management trainee at Coca-Cola FEMSA, before she left due to what she called a “contract dispute”.


Betina Ong co-wrote 9 posts on TBC, and her total view count is 19, 435 as of October 2017. She has no experience with social media marketing, content marketing, or influencer marketing for the blog contrary to whatever she says.

Also, contrary to what she wrote on her LinkedIn, she never created a brand book, editor’s guide, and writer’s primer for TBC. Annicka Koteh did.

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