Throwback to last Sept 2, 2017, when I (aka Justine) gave a talk at iBlog 13 on “Creativity and Authenticity in Blogging”. I don’t know if you can see it, but I’m shaking in my sneakers on stage because this was my first time giving that talk.

I talk a lot and to a lot of people about resumes, interviews, and careers here in the PH but this was the first time I spoke about the platform I built this all on.

Blogging. Specifically, about blogging with a frank and casual voice on a serious and little-talked about topic. Namely, how to build a career you want here in the PH.

Because I wasn’t the only speaker at the event, I got to listen to a lot of different bloggers (who are killing it in their own niches) share their insights, stories, and struggles.

Which ended up strengthening my resolve to do The Thing I’ve Been Putting Off Because I’m Really Scared That It Will Mess Up Everything. But whatever, I’m doing it.

The Border Collective is rebranding.

Keeping the name and logo, but everything else is going to change. Namely, how it looks and is currently running, like turning the articles to not only be information-packed but also resource based.

You won’t just read TBC; you can get something to download that’ll streamline something I found extremely difficult along this journey. I’m doing this because I wish all of you to have easier lives than I did lol.

((It’ll tentatively be resources that I built myself for me and my friends since juggling life and figuring out your career is hard without a template or outline to work from. Since it seems to have worked for so many people, I feel comfortable sharing it with ya’ll to help you settle into the life you want faster.))

So, that’s it from me. Now is where you come in.

I’d like to request 2 things during this trying time. First, patience. Second, suggestions.

Suggestions: what do you think should be on the site more? What should we scrap? What should we focus on? What content do you want to see? What topics?

I write for ya’ll to read and learn from my mistakes, but unfortunately, I don’t think I know what ya’ll want to read anymore since ~life~ has changed dramatically from what I expected it to be. So, I want to know what you want to know. And then I’ll find someone who can tell it to you.

(I do not expect to be a subject matter expert on everything. Expect to see more real HR personnel on the blog, giving their thoughts on people who want to apply to their companies. Suggestions on which companies to tap are also welcomed.)

Pls email all suggestions to Or message this page // comment it somewhere. Use whatever medium makes you feel comfortable.

Patience: Rebranding and system creating takes time so there won’t be any new posts anytime soon. Especially since I want to update all the old blog posts to reflect better information ++ resource downloads relevant to the post. Sorry in advance. 🙁

I’m also contemplating making it just 1 big resource library.

While I figure out how to go about this, for those who want to have first dibs to everything + get a bonus PPT right now, you can sign up here to get notified when everything’s ok + get your bonus 40-slide PPT that I use for everything as a thanks:

Anyways, thanks for reading this long post, and cheers to the next month of hell.

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