Other Things I Wrote + Speaking Engagements

Thanks to the blog, a lot of people saw my writing, and started hiring me to write for them. Apparently, they liked how much personality was in my writing and wanted me to infuse it into their copy.

That’s absolutely crazy, and I’m so happy.

In reverse chronological order, here’s what and where my work’s been published. That I can disclose that I wrote. A lot of my other things (like 90%) are under disclosure agreements. Sad.



October 31: 20 Brands to Watch Out for this Holiday Season! on WhenInManila

(Note: 4.55k shares on Facebook with an estimated reach of about 320k)

September 29:  5 Small Steps to Choosing Success Everyday on Inquirer.net

(Note: I have no idea why it’s formatted so badly. There’s supposed to be things in bold, things in bullet point, hell, the title isn’t even correctly capitalized. No idea why it looks like that.)

September 15: How She Became a Millionaire Before 30: 5 Secrets for Early Success on WhenInManila

[As of October 26, 2016, this post has 2.9k reactions and 671 shares on Facebook. One of the most popular posts in WIM’s recent history. (Link to FB post) On WIM’s site, it says it’s garnered 4.98k shares over Facebook. I don’t know how.]

And then people started asking me to speak?? Very cool.



April 22: Ateneo Management Association, this talk was important to me because I was doing it in between 2 thesis defenses on the exact same day. I was going last for the day and 20 people suddenly came in to listen to me talk. I had not promoted this at all to TBC readers, these were people who read about this on their own and then came into school on a Saturday to hear me talk.

It was a Q&A format about anything and everything about careers, no topic was off limits, it went on for about 25 minutes, then I had to go and defend my thesis. When I finished my thesis defenses and checked my emails, there were around 7 from people who had heard me and said “I needed to hear that, thank you for what you shared.” Which gave me such a good feeling. I love being able to share what I learned.


February 24: (No picture unfortunately) Gave a talk to the Ateneo Junior Marketing Association about resume writing and marketing themselves to stand out above the pile. About 15-20 people were at that talk, and I forgot to drop at the end that I do resume consultations. But 7 people messaged to say they heard me talk and wanted to book time with me.

February 17: Ateneo Association of Communication Majors, I gave a talk about resume writing, specifically how they as creatives can steal ideas from business majors’ resumes to heighten their own resume value. ((I have mad respect for them, they have a business acumen few business majors have since they have to be one-man creative shops.))

In total, there were about say 50-60 people in the room. And I just dropped at the end that I do resume consultations. 15 people messaged me afterwards saying they were at the talk and wanted my help.


November 16: Gave a talk to around 35 high school girls from my alma matter about Ateneo and why I chose Ateneo. And why they should choose Ateneo if they can.

April 1: My first time to ever give a talk (& to around 40 people!!) on what’s it like interning as a business major, my story, and my key takeaways from it. This really pushed me to push the blog more because so many people were interested but DIDN’T KNOW WHERE TO START.


If you want to hire me to write for you or ask me to speak at your function (the speaking part is still free since I’m so mindblown about it), hit me up at justine@thebordercollective.com

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