Using Horoscope and MBTI to Find Your Strengths and Weaknesses || #SaturdaySpecials

I realized I ingest way too much information without really unpacking it or sharing it with others, so, to remedy that, enter #SaturdaySpecials! A weekly video series from me on some tip, trick, tool, trade secret, or text (usually a book, sometimes an article) that taught me something vital and that I’m now sharing with you! I’m doing this to reflect and absorb all the stuff I’m reading, and I read somewhere that the best way to do so is to teach it to others. Ergo, here we are!

For our 1st vid in the series, it’s the simplest (and cheapest) way to find out what are your strengths and weaknesses that I’m super sure we all love to do when we’re procrastinating: online quizzes.

We all take them, no shame in that, and we all go “omigod, this is so me, I need to share this.” I take around 12 of them every pre-finals week, so I’m very aware of what kind of a friend a Scorpio, ENTP, wood pig, Ravenclaw is, thanks to my intense procrastination vibes. I’m also aware of how do the signs love, or how do they deal with stress, or what are they like when you’re angry, and so on. You get my drift.

So, back when I was a sophomore and I had no idea what my true strengths and weaknesses were, I relied on using those amazing ‘time wasters’ to answer “what’s your greatest strength/weakness?” Honestly, it’s helpful when you’re in a pinch, and it only takes a little bit of mental work to fixing them up to be interview-ready.

Choose only 3 traits max for strengths and for weaknesses, and figure out a story behind each. When was a time that you were disorganized, and how did you fix that? When was a time you were creative, and how did you show that? Be concise with your stories, but also be engaging. You’re talking about traits you got from stories (aka fandom or legends), there are stories there that can help you. Just read them and steal from them.


And here are the links to finding out your strengths and weaknesses.

Hogwarts Sorting:
Divergent Aptitude:
Chinese Zodiac:
Western Zodiac:

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