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AUGUST 14, 2017

I’m overwhelmed & utterly blown away.

One of my best friends booked a resume consultation with me (where I edit his resume using everything I’ve learned about the PH career scene to be sharper than 95% better than other fresh grads).

The fact that he decided upfront to pay for my services (instead of asking me if I can do it for free since we’re friends) already had me feeling appreciative towards him.

Then I asked if he could write a short testimonial of my services. 2 sentences on the whole experience.

He sent me this.

I’m overwhelmed at how thoughtful this was & how much impact the resume consultation had for him. I didn’t expect 2 paragraphs, explaining his story & telling people why they should avail. I literally was thinking of a “Thanks to Justine blah blah blah” testimonial type.

Reading this reminded me though, that even great people (who you’d think would have an easy time getting a job) can still struggle at getting a job. It’s so hard to stand out when there are more than a 100 of you who’re practically interchangeable. Nobody teaches you how to find your dream job, how to do well in interviews, how to figure out your personal brand.

I just try to.

  • Paolo B., BPI Management Trainee 2017

MAY 27, 2017

We run resume consultations from time to time, where we use all the tips & tricks we’ve  picked up, to edit our clients’ resumes to make sure that they’ll be the standout applicant in the pile. Even if there are a hundred applicants. Especially if there are a thousand applicants.

I personally don’t take on a lot of these, because it’s emotionally tiring. I get invested in their lives, I become their loudest cheerleader, but in the end, it’s still a job. They get their resumes & futures fixed, I get paid, sometimes I’ll throw in free advice if they ask, & then we go our separate ways. I don’t always hear back from them, which is probably something I should fix in our sales process, but meh, another problem for another day.

But the other day, I got this message from a client.

She was a rush job, an incredibly bright graphic designer who had a specific aim. To showcase her skills in design & technology to impress Nanyang Technological University, & win the sole slot as the coveted Temasek Scholar. It was a tall order; I’ve never even heard of the Temasek Scholar so I had to google what they were looking for and quick.

I finished her resume, taught her a few tips for the interview, and wished her luck. Then I promptly forgot about her to focus on my thesis.

Her message brought her back into my head space.

I’m happy to announce that she did it, & will be enrolling in NTU for the fall sem. Her message reminded me why I keep doing what I do. Why we started this blog in the first place.

I should get back to TBC soon. And I will. 

Stay tuned to see how we’ll be answering you better.

  • Frances T., only recipient of Temasek scholarship from National University of Singapore


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