What To Do When INKOMPASS Calls

Hey there, dear readers, The Border Collective is currently on a short hiatus because Betina and I have to catch up on school work, but rest assured that we’ll be back before internship season starts to give you guys our tips and tricks for first impressions! The only reason I’m writing right now is because we received this question in our anonymous Google Form.

Hi, I received a call from Inkompass saying that I’m part of the top 100 in this batch, and they are inviting me for an on-ground assessment. During the call, they scheduled an initial interview with me the next day and I chose the phone interview because I have straight Monday to Saturday classes. Regarding my phone interview, I was clearly unprepared because I only got less than 24 hours to prepare so I kind of messed up the interview, although I did answer some of the questions decently.

My question is, is there any way I can “redeem” myself during the on-ground assessment? Because I wasn’t able to give my best during the phone interview and I want to leave them a better impression during the on-ground assessment.

I couldn’t let someone go around being misinformed, so here I am writing instead of studying.

Ok, so the short answer to this is “There’s no need to redeem yourself at on-ground assessment.”

The phone interview you did was just for the team to touch base aka to get a feel of who you are. The only way to fail it was to be inauthentic. My interview also sucked, since I spent most of it just talking and talking and talking, so don’t worry too much.

If you’re worried about the impression you’re making, just be ready to give INKOMPASS your all during on-ground assessment this coming weekend! Be the best version of yourself during the tasks to redeem what you thought was a sub par phone interview. It’s not too late to turn it all around and be one of the lucky 15 out of 9000 to get an INKOMPASS 2016 slot! That’s literally twice as many applicants from last year.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a million things to catch up on if I plan to spend my whole Sunday at on-ground assessment with you all. 😉

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Thanks for reading and hope I answered something useful for you! 

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One thought on “What To Do When INKOMPASS Calls

  1. Dear Justine L.T. Chua, thank you for these inspiring tips,

    I’m applying for Inkompass in Vietnam. We don’t have the initial interview round so it’s straight from the online test to the Assessment Day.

    Could you share more about the online test? what source should I practice?
    Also I would love to hear about the tips for Assessment Day too!.

    Thank you! Looking forward to a response 😀

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