3 Things You Need To Know Before You Go Off Internship Hunting

What should have been this Thursday’s post is coming out a bit late because

a) I posted the Blogapalooza one on Wednesday evening, thereby messing up the post frequency, sorry not sorry, and

b) Betina and I put a bit more thought on what we wrote here than we normally did.

For most of you reading this series, the Internship FAQ’s is the closest, and potentially best, source of information you will get about interning as an Atenean. Or at least, that’s what we’re getting from the feedback we’ve received so far.

And our aim since the start is to give you as much unbiased information as possible to help you figure out what kind of journey you want your college years to be!

That is terrifically hard to do because we are such staunch advocates of interning, as proven by the first 3 parts of this series which can be found here, here, and here. Also proven by the fact that we are now doing this series until Part 7 only, unless we get more questions in our Google Form here.

This time around though, we’re soothing the pre-internship fears most of you guys face by talking about what we wished someone told us before we started interning. Written here’s the advice we want to share with you, so that you don’t have to go through the same pains, if and when you decide to intern!

Though it may be fun to walk boldly into the unknown, in practice, it costs a lot more to the physical and mental health of the walker. Trust us. The two of us did enough blind walking for everyone to avoid.

Part 4 also talks about what we think you all need to understand before going off to internships because not all workplaces are created equal. Some are cool and hip and Instagram-worthy; some are not. Most are in Makati and BGC, and that’s a minimum 15km distance from Ateneo, resulting in a 1hr travel time by car and unknown travel time by commute, depending on the state of the trains that day.

Reminders before we head on over to the questions, Betina and I are both juniors; she’s in IS taking Psych and MGT, while I’m taking Comtech aka the course where a lot of basketball players are at. She has more internships than me, and she’s the nice one. I am the definition of a sheltered Chinese girl, and I am the mean one.

Thanks for reading, and hope we answered something useful for you! 🙂 If we haven’t, drop us your questions here at our Google Form.

Do grades really matter?

J: Hahahahaha this is the reason I started this FAQ’s in the second place. To inform people about the relationship between grades and interning. The first reason is I was tired of answering the same questions over and over again so I compiled the 15 Most Frequently Asked here.

 Yes, but not as much as you’d think. I get turned down for a lot of things because i don’t have great grades to back me up. Generally though, those jobs require an information overload aspect, so I’m OK with being rejected. After a while. If you don’t get over things quickly, I suggest you take up a combat sport.

Grades are a good measure of how hard you’re willing to work, how good you are at retaining information, and how good you are at pulling all that information out in a pressured environment. Or how good you are at gaming the system. The recruiters won’t know which though. So, to those slaving away to become DL and your heart’s aren’t in it, take a break and be kind to yourself. They matter now, but not as much in 10 years’ time.

B: Justine had a post go viral a month ago and I posted this in response:


J: This is honestly one of the kindest things anyone’s ever said about me, and let the records show that I am eternally grateful that Betina Ong is in my life. 🙂


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