If You’re In College, and Looking For A Legit Part-Time Job, This Is It

I’m interrupting the regular Thursday and Sunday night programming of the Internship FAQ’s series to bring you this message. 

I had my version of a midlife crisis in early July 2015, which consisted of me realizing in the middle of my time at INKOMPASS, “What the fuck am I going to do during the school year?”

That’s me, searching for what I was going to do during the school year.

You see, I was having a blast at PMFTC aka INKOMPASS, working everyday, knowing my work would help others, while simultaneously having a taste of what real corporate life was like. There was no fetching coffee or arbitrary photocopying tasks for me (except for that time I photocopied the survey I made 100 times to disseminate out to my respondents). There was a project per intern, specially formulated for said intern, which made use of their skill set and potential to push them into becoming better people at the end. We all really became better people in the end, though one of us grew a big head about it (this is you, Girard.)

I love my project so much that every time I was tasked to talk about my learnings from both my project and my time at INKOMPASS, I would cry. I am 80% sure that I would not cry now, but I don’t want to go in depth about it for fear of that.

Back to my mid-INKOMPASS crisis. All 17 of us knew we would have to deal with our own versions of this crisis. Normal life had been changed for us forever, so we had to cope somehow. I coped by finding a new job to love. In the middle of my current job I love. At like, 7am in the office.
My excellent friend, Andi Legaspi, had been interning for someone she frequently called #lifegoals, (which totally intrigued me because how often do you get to interact with someone who’s #lifegoals???) and that she had signed on again for the next project her #lifegoals was undertaking. Andi offered the job to me as well. And being the gung-ho, “I just want to do something.” person that I am, I said yes. On one condition. I get to bring my life partner, Raymond Evaristo.

After convincing Raymond to join me, and signing us both on to the team, I got a job as an Accounts Executive at Blogapalooza aka my favorite startup/ event/ “work from home” work environment ever! For those who don’t know what Blogapalooza is,


It’s also run by these 3 wonderful people.


But I report directly to someone who is honestly the best #lifegoals for everyone who wants to make something of their lives. Her.

ms ace.PNG

She’s so much more than that though. She’s a great mentor, fantastic boss, fun chikahan buddy, and amazing teammate to have at Breakout Manila! And she owns her own marketing consultancy plus a Maginhawa restaurant. (Go check out Woodchuck House! They’re Crispy Pork Sinigang haunts my dreams and tastebuds.) You know, normal things for people under the age of 30 to have.

Having this job during the school year has made the void of emptiness in my life bearable. I’m never bored because being an Accounts Executive means always hunting for leads. The commission also helped motivate me. 😀 But I realized that since I got this job, I learned so many new things, thanks to the different way Ms. Ace runs Blogapalooza.

Do you know correl work actually builds your negotiation and persuasion skills? I didn’t. Then I joined Blogapalooza and Ms. Ace outlined to us that that’s what it takes to close the deal. Now I do know that correlation, and I had to learn some negotiation and persuasion skills or else I would fail at my job. It helps that failing as an Accounts Executive would result in actual consequences aka I wouldn’t get my commission. And Blogapalooza would have one less sponsor.

That’s the biggest takeaway from my time at Blogapalooza this past 2015, but there are thousands of small insights I realized from interacting with both Ms. Ace and the sponsors. To even chronicle those would require another post, so I’ll think about whether I want to write that first hahaha. 😀

But, the other day, I realized something when one of you, my lovely readers, was messaging me about how difficult it is to find a job that lets you learn something, doesn’t take up all your free time, and compensates you.

I need to share Blogapalooza with you. And so, I will.

Job description time!

We’re looking for Accounts Managers and maybe some Executives too, if you meet Raymond’s & Ms. Ace’s standards. The official description states, “

Scout for and close deals for event sponsorship and subsequently manage accounts
Ensure good relationships between Blogapalooza and corporate partners

” but the unofficial description of it aka the description in my heart is…

  • Find sponsor leads
  • Get rejected by some sponsors right away
  • Be paasa’d by other sponsors who will reject you in the end, or worse, stop replying to you suddenly and you don’t know if you did something to push them away or what
  • Find the one true sponsor who loves you back, or maybe even 12 if you’re lucky
  • Learn how to close deals under the amazing tutelage of Raymond and Ms. Ace
  • Learn tons of other things along the way, though what you learn depends on you
  • Hang out with 2 of my favorite people in the world aka Raymond & Andi in the car if you don’t have a ride, like me
  • Get to meet quasi-famous people, like Maxene Magalona and Sam Oh
  • Network with hella cool people, sponsors and coworkers alike
  • Grow a sense of adventure because there’s always something new to do
  • Love Blogapalooza half as much as I do, which is still a lot, ok?

7am freshness during Blogapalooza last October 25!

If this interests you or you just want to learn more about Blogapalooza, then send me your schedule or free times at justine.ltchua@gmail.com! You can send me your resume too if you like, but I’m not requiring it. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram @ChaiXingJun. What I am requiring is an interview with both me and Raymond where we assess you on competency, work style, and personality. The interview can be either done jointly or one-on-one, depends on tons of factors.

There are no other requirements, like “only juniors and seniors” or “only those with previous correl experience”. As long as you’re willing to work, you’re free to apply! My personal bias though is to people with only 1-2 other full time commitments aka orgs. Blogapalooza is like an org too. Only, you know, it’s an org where you get paid and you’re aware that your contributions are actually benefiting the organization as a whole because you see the actual effects.

Compensation will be talked about if and when you pass our screening process. 🙂 If you want plus points to me specifically, like The Border Collective on FB and invite your friends to do so too. Bring me a screenshot of your notification on how many friends have actually accepted your invite to like my page, and it’ll immediately put me in a good mood. Swear bear. 😀


This is the most recent team picture, it’s not even all of us, and it’s a picture lacking me because I’m the one who took it, so just imagine how much fun we are to be around! Blogapalooza is in 108 days, so if you want to be a part of this team and that event, what are you waiting for?

If you were looking for a sign, this is your sign.

Hope to hear from you guys soon!

I’m done interrupting the regularly scheduled programming. Tune in tomorrow for Part 4 of the Internship FAQ’s Series, where Betina Ong and I talk about what you’ll need before you go off to intern.

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