Resume Consultations Testimonials

We run resume consultations from time to time, where we use all the tips & tricks we’ve  picked up, to edit our clients’ resumes to make sure that they’ll be the standout applicant in the pile. Even if there are a hundred applicants. Especially if there are a thousand applicants. Continue reading “Resume Consultations Testimonials”

14.5 Things You Didn’t Realize Had Resume Value

Betina: Hi dear readers! Over the past few weeks, Justine and I have been giving out advice about resumes, interviews, and pretty much everything to do with internships. (J: Which you can find on the sideboard. If you want, start with Part 1 here!) A lot of the advice we’ve been giving out has been with the context of framing your org work and internships in the best way. But lately we’ve had a bunch of questions along the lines of ‘What do I write on my resume if I’m not active in orgs, have no internship experience, and have a mediocre QPI/GPA?’

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