Resume Consultation

Don’t know what to write in your resume? Feel like it could be stronger, but you have no idea how to buff it up? Never fear, The Border Collective wrote a whole post about the 14.5 Things You Didn’t Realize Had Resume Value, which details the minimum experiences we’ve all had to fill your resume-building needs!

If you want to avail of a resume consultation with either Justine or Betina, email to ask for the package rates. The cheapest one involves you emailing your resume, and them giving you the top 5 points for improvement! Other packages involve a face-to-face meeting, us walking you through your resume’s strengths and weaknesses, plus unlimited online consultation, and more!

Justine also can write your resume for you, but that’s going to cost more because time is money.

Feel free to e-mail us at or as well, if you want to tell us your feedback and what improvements you want us to make to the blog!