About The Border Collective

The Border Collective is the Philippines’ premiere blog on interning and job hunting for college kids, by a college kid.

The Border Collective’s the place to get inspiration, no-bullshit guides, case studies, and tools for the college kids who want to take their careers seriously.


Who We Are

In my 4.5 years at college I (aka Justine) did 4 internships and got 18 job offers, before I turned 22 or even graduated. Through trial and error, I figured out the best ways to game the PH career scene and self-improve to beat the competition (aka your batchmates).

All at a faster, but less labor-intensive pace.

Justine in January 2017

I also found out that I was unknowingly practicing design principles when it comes to both my life and career, meaning it took me a while, but now I love what I do and the process behind it all. And I want to share it all with you.

The Border Collective is the place where I share all the details of all of my experiments. Detailing how to make better-than-average-and-most-definitely-tailored-for-the-Philippines resumes, cover letters, portfolios, interview practice cheatsheets,  and all while answering any and every question you have about interning or job hunting.

This is also the place where I share others’ stories of interning in the Philippines, the behind-the-scenes action of my side hustle (the resume consultations which are yet to be named), and showcasing my friends’ and clients’ successes in designing a better career for themselves.

Through my writing, I hope you realize that you don’t have to go off for a year of bumming around in the name of ~finding yourself~  and you most definitely don’t have to think you’re a sell out because you genuinely want to go to corporate instead of social entrep, startup, or government. Just because other people are louder doesn’t mean you’re a minority.

I want to help you realize and plan for how you can go against the grain aka everything your blockmates are about to do, do everything different (and more intelligently), and have a career you’re excited about right from the moment you’re reading this.

Yes, you, whoever you are, can have your dream career without giving up your values, passions, and attitude. Whatever that might be. I’m here to show you how.

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What We Do

The Border Collective is where an Ateneo de Manila Communications Technology Management graduate, Justine, writes about internships, job hunting, resume advice, and generally anything college students need to know about careers. All for free. And with assorted guest writers coming in and sharing their knowledge too.

I want to break down the unseen barriers formed by elitist social circles and student organizations, by giving you the inside scoop on how I managed to graduate into pursuing a career I love. And how I used the same method on over 100+ people to help them land jobs and internships at their dream industries and companies.

Some of the places I’ve sent my friends and clients too

This blog is all about finding your passion, doing what you love, and graduating with financial stability. All 3, no compromises.

TBC was created to help out our fellow Filipino (and Asian) students out, since all the advice on Google was made for Americans and Europeans. I found that grossly unfair and unhelpful. Upperclassmen were useless too since they only wanted to help out their friends, and even then, they never had a full picture of what was happening.

The Border Collective is your upperclassman that you can ask any questions too, and you’ll receive no-holds-barred answers. That’s why you can ask anonymously; we don’t want to bias against anyone curious.

If you hate something about the world, fix it yourself.


How We Do It

The Border Collective used to write 2 different regular series: the Internship FAQ’s which answered your questions about interning, job hunting, resumes, and interviews. And the Intern-view series, where people who’ve interned at other places to talk about their intern journey here on The Border Collective.

Now the categories are broken down more specifically. Resumes, Interviews, Job Hunting, Job Hopping, Self-Improvement, Internship FAQ and #DearTBC where your specific situational questions get answered.

Intern-view will also be continuing, in partnership with other organizations, so if your org wants to chronicle all you know about interning, get in touch with us at admin@thebordercollective.com.

What’s The Border Collective’s Mission?

Our mission is simple. Dispel the myths and answer the questions around starting your career in college for Filipinos. Get people to intern. Make the process easier for everyone who comes after me. That’s it.

Why Is It Called The Border Collective

This was supposed to be an online zine for girls who were on the border of 2 stereotypes. We wanted to show them that they weren’t outcasts, they were part of a collective. Example, girls who looked really innocent but were actually into sex. Or girls who came from super religious backgrounds but were actually atheists.

I wanted to start this with a bunch of friends, but our first post about interning clicked into a weird overnight phenomenon. Now it’s evolved into being about interning and job hunting only.

Here’s another different, old reason. “Because we aren’t like other mainstream bloggers, who only talk about “food, fashion, and life”. We talk about relevant issues that are always bordering our minds.”

And in a way, The Border Collective has stayed true to that. We talk about careers and professional development in the Philippines, from the point of a college student just starting out. It doesn’t get more borderline than that.

We’re rebranding and fixing the site, but keeping the name. Someday the name will change, but that day is not today.

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It means a lot to me for people to be reading and sharing the advice. You’re helping us achieve our mission just by taking action on it so, thanks! If you want to help, invite your friends to read up as well or share our posts on Facebook!

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