The Border Collective


Who We Are

What We Do

The Border Collective is where 2 Ateneo de Manila college students, Justine and Betina, write about internships, job hunting, resume advice, and generally anything college students need to know about careers. All for free.

TBC was created to help out our fellow Filipino (and Asian) students out, since all the advice on Google was made for Americans and Europeans.

How We Do It

The Border Collective writes 2 different regular series: the Internship FAQ’s where Betina and Justine answer your questions about interning, job hunting, resumes, and interviews. And the Intern-view series, where we invite people who’ve interned at other places to talk about their intern journey here on The Border Collective.

Betina also talks about YouthHack, an organization dedicated to helping high school and college students get into tech through hackathons. She’s a PR manager for YouthHack Manila. Justine talks about INKOMPASS, the number 1 global internship program for college students with 2 years left in school. She’s part of the Philippines’ first batch of INKOMPASS interns.

It’s been expanded now to include #WorkLifeGoals, people who’ve been out of college for a while and have made a name for themselves from their excellent work. And Fast Facts, events you should know about and go to if you want to expand your mind and network.

What’s Our Mission

Our mission is simple. Dispel the myths and answer the questions around starting your career in college. Get people to intern. Make the process easier. That’s it.

Why Is It Called The Border Collective

A long time ago, this was supposed to be something else. Now it’s evolved. But the old reason is, “Because we aren’t as mainstream as other bloggers, who only talk about “food, fashion, and life”.

And we’ve stayed true to that.

Someday we’ll rebrand, but that day is not today.

Want to Submit Something To The Border?

Looking for a platform to voice your opinions? Want to offer advice to your fellow uninformed as well? We’d love to help!

Send us your write-up in .docx format to, under the subject, THE BORDER SUBMISSION.

Thank You For Your Support!

It means a lot to us for people to be reading and sharing our advice. You’re helping us achieve our mission So, thanks! For specific questions and ideas, you can email Justine ( or Betina (