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Hey there, Justine here, founder of The Border Collective, and I’m thrilled you’re on my Speaking + Press page! If you’re interested in inviting me to speak at your school, university, organization, conference, or company,… More

#WorkLifeGoals: Abbey Sy on the #ABCsofHandLettering, Freelancing, and being a Savvy Social Media Creative

When TBC’s editorial assistant, Annicka Koteh, said that she contacted Abbey Sy for a feature on #WorkLifeGoals, I was excited but cautious. Abbey Sy is most definitely #WorkLifeGoals, so of course she has no time to answer questions from… More


Want to Submit Something To The Border? Looking for a platform to voice your opinions? Want to offer advice to your fellow uninformed as well? Or do you want to share your internship experiences to… More

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Don’t know what to write in your resume? Feel like it could be stronger, but you have no idea how to buff it up? Don’t worry, The Border Collective wrote a whole post about the 14.5 Things… More

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Hey there! I’m Justine Chua (but to differentiate myself from the hundreds of Justine Chua’s, I use Justine LT Chua), the founder and writer behind The Border Collective. And I write about internships, job hunting,… More

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DISCLAIMER: Betina Ong left the blog formally in April 2017 to pursue other things in life. Prior to that, she hadn’t written anything for the blog since summer 2016. Legal counsel advised that we write… More

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I’d love to hear from you! I try my best to reply to every email as soon as I can but with family, friends, work, school, and resume consultations, it isn’t always easy. I guarantee… More

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