Ad Agencies Starting Salaries in the Philippines? + First YT vid

Hey guys, Justine here, and I’ve done something incredibly dumb and exhilarating at the same time.

I posted a YT vid of an answer to a question we got on

I will also post in to answer that question with the link soon enough. I’m just. Overwhelmed right now. Hahaha. I’m like, having one of those super freak outs, where you’re outwardly calm and doing a steady, measured typing pace so as not to inform anyone that you’re doing an internal freak out. But deep inside, I’ve already descended to the pits of Tartarus and am chilling with Campe.

Ok, so, the contents of the vid are super simple. It’s 5 mins of me talking about ad agencies salary, taxes, what it’s like in there in a very superficial way. Generally, just me having a one-sided conversation with a camera.


The reason I did this though was because I realized we need to stop having secrets with ya’ll. We need to answer your questions in a more timely manner and in a way that doesn’t complete deplete me of energy, willpower, and faith in humanity. Which is super difficult, if you’re me cuz man, I have 10 mins of conversation in me before I get tired.

To remedy that, I decided talking to a camera, though more nerve wracking, is less difficult in the long term for me. So here we are.

Here’s the link to the video on Youtube: 

And to the teaser link on Facebook:

So, yea, that’s pretty much it, I’m going to go hide in a hole right now because I’m dying from embarrassment.

But if you have any comments, suggestions, tips, please feel free to email them to me at If you have mean things to say that aren’t at all constructive or can improve this experience for everybody, please feel free to write it down on a piece of paper, dunk that piece of paper into a cup of water, and then drink that water.

Thanks, and join me next time when I embarrass myself again on camera for the sake of knowledge.

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