We Got Featured on Gist.ph

Link to Article: http://gistph.com/…/the-border-collectives-justine-chua-and-betina-ong-talk-blogging-interning-and-business/

So, we got featured on Gist.ph last week. That’s very cool. I’m trying very purposefully to be chill about it, but again, that’s very cool.

It’s a first, being recognized by another website, particularly a magazine kind, on what we’re doing here on The Border Collective, and it warms my heart. I’m still reeling a bit, that we got interviewed about the background, the story of TBC, and what’s next on TBC to name a bit of what’s in the interview. We don’t hear a lot that we’re impacting people or that people like what we read, so when Gist emailed saying they wanted to interview us, I was genuinely floored.

Honestly, it’s inspired me to do more here. The blog has reached further than I ever imagined, and I’m so thankful that the content is something interesting enough for you guys to click on.

Who knows what’s going to happen next, both for me and for the blog and most definitely for you. I’m excited for it all.

Anyways, just wanted to update you all on what’s happening, hope ya’ll have a great day! If you’ve ever got anything you want to say to me, be it about the blog or anything in general, you can email me at justine@thebordercollective.com or for business proposals, email admin@thebordercollective.com.


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