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A quick post this morning before I and 200 other people head off to the Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business UP Diliman Campus Ambassadors’ event later today: Woman Up 2016! I got to chat with the 4 amazing HUWIB-Asia ambassadors about why we can even go to this event and how they became the Harvard Ambassadors (I didn’t even know that existed before they emailed) for 2016.

Before we get started, even quicker intro, I’m Justine, my partner is Betina, and this is The Border Collective, the one-stop blog for interning, resumes, and interviews for college students in the Philippines. And now, an addition to the many features we offer for our ambitious college student reader who doesn’t know where to throw all that energy into, events that you have to go to for both resume and networking experience.

Now a little background on our interviewees.

Because everyone is obviously pressed for time, our 4 interviewees answered the questions jointly over email. In no particular order, these 4 lovely ladies are

  1. Chelsea Ngie, 5th year BS Business Administration and Accountancy
  2. Monica Mabuti, 4th year BA Journalism
  3. Bianca Ramos, 3rd year BA Communication Research
  4. Kat Fanio, 3rd year BS Business Administration

And here’s all the things you need to know about HUWIB and Woman Up 2016. Thanks for reading and hope to see you later at the event!

First off, what is the Harvard Undergraduate Women In Business Ambassadors?

The Intercollegiate Business Convention, held each October, brings together business leaders and more than 1,000 women attending colleges and universities all over the world. It’s the keystone event of an entire weekend of programming and features three prominent keynote speakers, business panels, workshops, and networking sessions.

The Campus Ambassador Leadership Program drives the growth of IBC each year and provides you with an opportunity to gain valuable business and leadership skills. As a Campus Ambassador, we help promote IBC 2016 at our campus and inspire other girls to engage in personal and business leadership development through organizing an event.


How did you get involved with it?

The previous campus ambassador for UP Diliman shared the invitation to apply as a campus ambassador for IBC 2016, and we each applied separately. And then results came out after a month or so, and from the list we saw the other CAs for the Philippines and 5 of us are actually from UP Diliman.


So, you guys have an event later today called Woman Up. Talk me through how you guys thought it up because the moment I saw it, I was an instant fan.

Woman Up was actually started last year by the 2015 set of CAs. When we were brainstorming for our event this year, we decided it would be great to actually have continuity in terms of branding and just building on Woman Up 2015. We asked permission from them to use the same name with the vision in mind that this will start to become an annual event.

Woman Up last year was great and so we really worked hard to make sure we’d be able to make Woman Up 2016 even better. Woman Up 2016 is happening today, September 3, 2016 at the School of Economics Auditorium, UP Diliman.


What happens to those who didn’t make the accepted participants list, because people are so confused. They think this is a closed event now and that they can’t go.

Due to the increasing demand and messages we received, we’re also welcoming walk-ins on the day of the event itself for a fee of P400, while those who were accepted and have RSVP-ed can get their tickets at P375. Registrations opens at 8:30am to accommodate over 200 attendees and program will start promptly at 10:00am.

We also got queries on whether or not they can arrive later or leave earlier. Yes, they can arrive anytime since the registration booth will be outside the Auditorium the whole time, so that’s no problem. There’ll be 2 speakers in the morning and 3 after the one-hour lunch break at 12 noon. The program will resume at 1:00pm sharp. A lot are coming from classes and have been emailing us, so yeah, they may still attend the event.

And yes, the event is not just exclusive for women but is for everyone who joins in the advocacy of women empowerment!


What do you think is the biggest effect you, personally, are getting from being a part of this amazing event?

Well, we’ve been challenged to think creatively and to be resourceful in putting up this event. As compared to other big events, technically this counts as an inter-university event as we are catering not only to UP students but even those from schools in Manila and some from even farther places, this isn’t organized by a big student organization with a lot of members. It’s just us 5 UP Diliman Campus Ambassadors and it’s really great to see what we’re achieving.

Throughout the planning and organizing, we are also growing as leaders and learning a lot along the way. The aim of this event is in line with that of HUWIB IBC which is to build a community of empowered women leaders, and we are very excited that so many people are sharing in this advocacy.

Well, they definitely got me excited to head on over to UP Diliman School of Economics Auditorium later at 10! I’ll just spill as well why I think it’s so important to go to today’s event.

Not only is it a good learning opportunity on successful women and their varying journeys to where they are now, but it’s an even better networking opportunity to find like-minded college students. Ambitious over-achievers who want more in their own ways. This is the kind of event that attracts people who want better futures for themselves, and for their friends. I love meeting people like that.

So if you think this is just some whole day forum on stories about women empowerment, you’re not looking at the bigger picture. This is a forum run by 5 amazing girls from UP Diliman, with the express interest of finding equally amazing people who need a little push to be even better versions of themselves. This is a place to meet people who might change your life.

But it’s all up to you. After all, it’s 400 pesos and a whole day in exchange for this opportunity.

That’s it from me, I’m already running a little late so I’m headed on over there now! If you want to help spread Woman Up’s advocacy in any way possible, I suggest you share this post so that someone might get up and go to UPD right now.

Ya’ll know the drill by now. 🙂

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