How To Get Your Resume Edited By The Border Collective

Hey there, dear readers, Justine here, with some news. (Spoiler alert: You can avail of resume consultations with us. Find out how at the end.)

The Border Collective is closing free resume consultations permanently.

Now, some of you are probably going

“What??? There were free resume consultations???? Why where how when???”

Well, we wrote about these free consultations at the end of a few blog posts like here, here, and here that we were editing resumes for free. A lot of people clicked through, availed, and helped us shape where the blog is going with their insights. That’s why we started the and why we Intern-view people from widely different fields to help you figure out what it’s like there. When this summer ends, there’ll be a lot more Intern-views from places like a think tank to a NGO on human rights to Unilever to hopefully, The Border Collective’s very first intern.

Also, there is an entire section of the blog under “Help Us Help You” called “Resume Consultation” where we wrote clear guidelines on how anyone could send us their resume to be edited, so long as they passed the stated condition. And now, after doing around 100 resumes between the 2 of us, which resulted in everyone we edited being called in for an interview at the very least, (since we cannot help you pass your interviews. Yet.) Betina and I have decided to stop doing free resume consultations.

Our skills prove to be more than good enough. And our time is precious. Simple as that. Like we said in The Border Collective Is Looking For An Intern, we can’t keep going with how we’re currently running things. We need to prioritize our time and attention to get back to making great content for you guys while working towards world domination.

If you are a good friend to either of us, these rules don’t exactly apply to you. We would appreciate you feeding us lunch instead, in return for editing your resume. A girl’s gotta eat. It really just depends on who you are and how much the one you’re friends with loves you. So, chin up and ask your fave half of The Border Collective today if she’s willing to do something for next to free for you. Good luck!

Now, I’m pretty sure some of you are going all

“We’re going to have to start paying you guys?!?!?!”

At least, that’s what I’d think because I hate spending money on things that aren’t food. Don’t worry, we’re still going to keep writing, and everything we write is free for everyone to read.

The reason why we’re enacting this change is a basic principle we learned in marketing. You can’t appeal to everyone. You’ve got to find your niche. And we decided that our niche is students who just need an extra push to be the superstars of their batch. People who want to help themselves out, and do so by seeking out our advice.

We realized this niche from a little experiment I did last week, wherein I told 1 friend I would edit any resume for free, and she promptly sent me her resume + told another friend who told another who told another who – you get what happened. I ended up editing 20 resumes of 20 incredibly different people in less than 4 days. It was fulfilling in a way I never expected, because they weren’t people I ever imagined would ask for my help, and the feeling I got when all 20 of them got called in for an interview? Priceless. It’s as if I contributed to their success and I feel great about that.

The experiment showed us that a lot of great candidates for internships don’t think of themselves as great candidates. They were second guessing themselves a lot, and aside from editing their resume, I had to provide emotional guidance because not a single one of them believed they would get an internship unless I intervened. And by intervene, I mean, they wanted me to set up an interview for them. Which I totally did not do, because I promote independence and that a can-do attitude will get you further in life than most people.

My ideal person to help is someone who wants to help themselves. I do not want to help someone who wants me to spoonfeed them, because I am hella busy, and also because no one helped me get to where I am today. I am living proof you don’t need connections to get a great internship. So, I’m not a big fan of helping people who want me to do everything for them. 

Betina is currently busy at work, reshaping Unilever’s HR department, so her brain space is full and her days are filled to the brim. The kind of person she wants to help is someone with potential to eclipse her current level of success at an earlier age.

What I really liked from this experiment as well is that each person only told one other person. No one told a whole group of people to email me right away for help. Everyone, and I mean all 20 people, just told 1 other person, who then immediately emailed me for help. (I feel bad for the 21st person who emailed me, but my free time was up, sorry dude.)

And when I asked why they’re doing that, just telling 1 person, everyone’s reply in paraphrased form was,

“This is a gift you only want to share with friends who you want to win at life.”

That was a really cool insight to have. Tells me a lot about how some of you feel about The Border Collective. And I get it, no one wants to share a competitive edge with the whole group.

And yet, I’m about to do just that.

Because I want you, dear readers of TBC, to succeed as well, I’m going to do a limited offer of only 5 slots for resume consultation. This is to help 5 of you either make the most out of the summer internship season which has already started and you are panicking because you didn’t foresee you being internship-less or to help you better package and prepare yourself for the job hunting bonanza that will take full effect at the end of June, once ADMU and UP finish giving out diplomas wherein a lot of you will feel super disheartened at the level of competition for great jobs.

Some of you will get stuck in jobs you don’t like for the next few months, or even years because you didn’t prepare enough for The Job Hunt.

And that’s totally okay, because everything is a learning experience in the end.

But for those who don’t want to be stranded because they didn’t prepare enough and are prepared to do a lot of hard work, I thought up of a way to help you.

I decided to do a full deluxe resume consultation package for an affordable price.

It’s just a trial for now, so I’m only opening 5 slots, and I’m doing it at a really affordable introductory price – just to test if something like this will work. After this batch of 5 people, I’ll re-evaluate if I’ll open another batch, but do it at my regular consulting rates (no more intro rates). [I regularly consult for social media strategy, data analytics insights, and I write expensive papers for lazy/busy people at school.]

This is a very different kind of consultation from what I did for the 20 who emailed me. With them, the whole correspondence was over email, and all I did was tell them points to fix. They had to prepare a resume in advance, and I just sent them comments and suggestions. At no point did I tell them specifically how to word things. I simply advised. They sent me about 5 edits of their resume that incorporated my notes before I approved it to be sent out into the world. And they all got called in for internship interviews.

A full deluxe resume consultation package will have me more focused on you and will include:

  • 1 whole uninterrupted hour of conversation
  • We will not only discuss your resume, but also your job hunting woes, and how we can solve them
  • Looking over your resume and giving you points to improve (please bring a hard copy so I can encircle and write on it, if ever we’re meeting face to face)
  • Helping turn your hobbies into skills and interests for your resume
  • Helping you figure out what you want to do in life right now, what are your non-negotiables, what are the fields you want to explore; roughly, life navigation
  • Showing you my resume as a peg for how to phrase yours
  • Teaching you how to target your resume for your top 3 fields
  • Endless online consultation (as in, you can message me 2 years from now and I will honor this and continue to help you)

And because you 5 showed such faith in me by applying, and are willing to pay what looks like a premium for my time, I will also throw in interview advice + critique and I will also coach you on how to answer the top 5 most common interview questions here in the Philippines.

Sounds like a good deal? If so, then apply here for one of the 5 slots at Php750 per slot. 😀

1 Slot. 750 pesos. Preparation for a potentially different life. Your choice.

Since I’m spending my whole summer either flying around the Philippines, across Kapitolyo near Silantro, or in Makati, at The Enterprise Center, which is right next to all the Gloriettas and Greenbelts, it’s either you come to me when I’m in Manila and we sit down for 1 hour for our session. Or we do everything online via e-mail and video calls. All totally up to you. We can personalize it depending on your schedule and mine, once I find out who the 5 of you are. So, apply right away so we can get started.

We can hash out all the details once we figure this out. Til then, I’m Justine, my partner is Betina, and this is The Border Collective, the Philippines’ premiere blog on all things interning, resumes, and interviews.

By the way, I checked and The Border Collective’s tagline is serious. We are the only ones (IN SOUTH EAST ASIA) who talk about interning all the time. No other place talks about it from the intern’s perspective. Always from the employer. 

And the only reason I say “in South East Asia” is because I can’t read Korean or Japanese well enough to understand who is giving advice on their internship blogs. I just know someone is writing about office etiquette there. 

Last before we end, I wanted to ask a question to all of you who are interested on actually talking to me.

What do you want to see next on The Border Collective?

I’d love to get your thoughts on that, so if you can answer that either in the comments down below or in an email to me, and let’s chat.

If you have anything you want to ask, say, or comment about to either Betina or me, email us at either or! For partnerships and business deals, you can email us at!

While you’re at it, you can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram as well @ChaiXingJun, which happens to be my Chinese name. Like us also on FB at The Border Collective to keep up with the latest happenings here because work never ends for The Border Collective.

Thanks for reading, and hope to meet some of you soon through this pilot program!

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