The Border Collective is Looking For An Intern

Hey there, dear readers, Justine here, and it’s exactly like what the title says. The Border Collective is looking for an intern. Or executive assistant. Up to whoever gets the job on what job title they want for this particular work experience. We will refer to you as minion though in private conversation. (B: She will refer to you as minion. I’d prefer ‘padawan’.)

For those who don’t know, I’m Justine, she’s Betina, and this is The Border Collective, the Philippines’ premiere blog on interning, resumes, interviews, and all things a young millennial needs to know to be an overachiever. And we’re looking to expand the fam!

why internee

Betina and I have been talking about taking one of you under our wing for a while, since we feel like so many of our readers who reach out to us have potential to be better than we currently are. We’re actualizing this pipe dream right now, mainly because The Border Collective is growing at a faster rate than either of us ever predicted. And I was very optimistic with my prediction.

We can’t keep going with how we’re currently running things. Betina and I have way too much on our plates, that if push came to shove, the first thing we’d give up would be the blog. We need someone to make it their job to keep us on track and on schedule, while lessening the brain space it takes to run The Border Collective.

We want to go back to focusing on the content rather than on the back-end part of the blog.

So whoever we hire will be in charge of the following:

  • Researching who can be our future interviewees for 2 different sections of the blog, Intern-view and #worklifegoals (working title). For the #worklifegoals portion that we’ll be launching soon, you will need to find out everything you can about potential people to feature on the blog and summarize it in less than one page for us to read and approve. You can also PR your friends using Intern-view, so long as they fit the criteria too. I believe in nepotism, so long as they are competent friends and not stupid ones.
  • Contacting the people we approve and scheduling the interviews with them.
  • Scheduling all our posts so that there’s always content being produced for The Border Collective. We use Google Calendar so that everyone can see what everyone else has planned ahead of time.
  • Reminding us to do all the scheduled posts. Betina does 150 things at any given time. I am supremely lazy. Good luck.
  • Running The Border Collective’s Facebook page to keep it more consistent. You will need to coordinate with our branding guru, Joal, for that. She can also teach you great things, when she’s not too busy running her 8 other businesses.
  • Editing and formatting posts before they go live. But only when I’m super busy because I enjoy doing this. It’s just really time consuming in a good way.
  • Photo editing for the cover photos we use for the articles. I will teach you how I do this; it’s just powerpoint honestly.

It seems like a lot, and it is, in the beginning. But I’m telling you the actual job responsibilities and expectations right now because I’d rather you thought this was the hardest job on Earth and didn’t apply, than be a half-hearted applicant. (B: That being said, we wouldn’t give you anything that we felt you couldn’t handle.) Before you’re completely turned off by the job because of my very thorough scare tactics.

Here is what we‘re offering you in return:

  • We are training you to be our successor. Obviously, we’re graduating in a year, and someone else needs to write about interning.
  • It’s currently an unpaid position, because we don’t get paid either. We plan to change that soon though with your help. (I cannot disclose how here, but once we take you on, I will explain how we all will be getting paid. Trust in me.)
  • You will learn how to write and articulate information other people will want to know. We fully intend for you to write for the blog a regular series that you pitched and have complete creative control over, when you prove we can trust you.
  • You will get a crash course on how to run social media for something like a business.
  • You will get your own email for official purposes.
  • Our network is your network. If we interview someone high profile, especially if you made the interview happen, you have a standing invite to come along and network with us. You are our minion and padawan.
  • We will recommend you to other jobs you can take on along with your current one with us. You could become the social media manager for The Moment Group for all you know.
  • We will teach you everything we know. And that’s a lot.
  • (B: I will also personally ensure that you get a fantastic job/internship. I love headhunting. It’s what I do. And reverse-headhunting aka jobhunting is even more fun! So really, we both win here. Clearly this also means that I’ll tinker with your resume, coach you on your interviewing skills, and give you free access to my impressive professional network as part of your padawan-training.)

Now you know what the job entails, and what we’re offering you in return. Before everyone decides to try out for this job because it’s really easy, if you think about it, we made a list of what we’re looking for in TBC’s first intern.

Our internal criteria for the person we’re looking to mentor is:

  • Seems competent, because if we have to worry about you doing your job, why are we even doing this in the first place.
  • Knows or is willing to learn video editing.
  • Knows or is willing to learn super basic photoshop from Joal.
  • Doesn’t scare easily. I am considered intimidating. Most of my best friends said that when we initially met, they did not think they could be friends with me. They were wrong. And Betina can be very short with her replies, but that’s just because she’s busy. (B: Whoops. Guilty. HAHAHA Sorry!) We need someone who won’t freak out when we reply with “noted” or a thumbs up.
  • Is detail oriented enough to keep up with both of us. When you have access to our calendars, you will know our daily schedule and all that we have planned. I don’t want someone who forgets that finals week is never a week. It’s more like a month. Or that Betina is frequently out of town.
  • Has stable internet connection. We have encountered many groupmates who have bad internet connection at home, ergo, become bad groupmates. We don’t want anyone of that kind.
  • Is younger than us. We’re 20 and we’re incoming college seniors. We don’t want to boss around someone our age. The younger you are, the better honestly. If you’re a super hardworking high school student or incoming freshman who wants to get ahead of all of his/her friends starting right now, we can help you use that energy towards greater things. We believe you guys are the future and we are willing to help. And if you’re an incoming sophomore or junior, we can help you be one of the most sought after graduates before you even enter senior year.

This can be a completely online based job. We don’t ever have to meet in person if you want, but occasional online meetings will be done just to align all of our thoughts on the blog and the direction it’s going. (B: The internet is a magical thing. Feel free to apply if you’re not from Manila. We do not discriminate based on physical location.)

We fully expect you to voice out your opinions and thoughts. There is no place for a mute on this team. We want to bring out the potential we see in you after all. (B: This is super important. One of the reasons that people like reading the blog is because Justine and I clearly butt heads and have conflicting ideas about how to achieve our work goals. That is completely fine, as long as our big picture end-game is consistent.)

It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Do not worry about workload. We’re students too, and I immensely dislike the idea of overworking an unpaid person. I also hate sending out a to-do list with 10 things on it because where is the focus in that?

My plan is to send you 1 task to accomplish within 48 hours. Or a project to do in a week. Stuff like that. An actionable task with a very clear deadline. And you can just tell us if you’re busy too, since we’re all students here.

If you still want to apply after I’ve tried to scare you off, all you have to do is send an email to both & explaining in less than 100 words, why you want the job. And I mean, 1 email sent to both of us, CC it or something. Deadline is June 8, 2016 to be The Border Collective’s very first intern. We might also get more than one of you if we can’t decide who we like best.

why internee (1)

Also, the earlier you email, the better. We can get to know you a bit and you can get to know us to see if you can enjoy working for us. If we get a sudden flush of applicants, we might not take the time to individually interview you all since we are working 8-5 at different places this summer.

If we don’t accept you, but you still showed great potential, we’ll probably help you find a different job. We’re not stingy with the work opportunities, since we can’t really accept everything offered to us either.

Think of us as a law firm, where Betina and I are the partners. We are currently Chua-Ong Enterprises. One day, we will be Chua-Ong-your last name here. And maybe it’ll be your last name with your new partners. We’ll see how everything goes in the next few months and maybe, years.

Everything is a learning experience and no one knows where they’ll be in 12 months’ time, honestly. So, take chances, make mistakes, find new opportunities.

And to those who know exactly where they’ll be in 12 months, drop me an email because I would love to consult with your psychic skills.

The hunt is on for The Border Collective’s very first intern. We’ll be back on Sunday with an Intern-view with the number one collegiate level programmer in the Philippines as he talks about his time at Kalibrr last year. And next week, you can read about us answering common interview questions! It’s taking a while because we’re still deciding how we’ll be sharing that to you, dear readers!

If you’re looking at other places to intern, like say BPI, or Globe, just search for other Intern-views here on The Border Collective. We also Intern-viewed a multi-hyphenate intern a while back! If you’re getting ready to intern though, we also wrote about things like preparing for a phone interview or doing a pre-interview prep. And if you want to have a better mindset on working smarter and not harder, read here about one of Justine’s favorite books that changed her life.

Betina just had her first day at work in Unilever for the summer internship season, and who knows, she might share about it here as well on TBC! I, on the other hand, am still bumming it out for one more week before my summer at PMFTC starts! When that happens, you might hear from us less, so we really need our intern to start ASAP.

If you have anything you want to ask, say, or comment about to either Betina or me, email us at either justine@thebordercollective.comor! For partnerships and business deals, you can email us at!

While you’re at it, you can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram as well@ChaiXingJun, which happens to be my Chinese name. Like us also on FB at The Border Collective to keep up with the latest happenings here because work never ends for The Border Collective.

If you’ve got any other questions you want to ask us, drop it into our or our Google Form! We take a while to get back to you guys, because we’re busy people. We don’t spend our day writing for the blog. This is what we spend our downtime on. And now you know how little downtime we actually have.

Anyways, thanks for reading, guys, and I hope to hear from some of you soon!

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